Meet Kip

Project Manager and Supervisor

They say I'm a 36 (in human) years old, female tabby cat. My aspirations are to catch all stray light, including the laser on walls and the ceiling.

Who is Kip?

Three Facts About Kip the Cat

I Don't Know How to Shut Up

Not an understatement! I talk (loudly) at the most important times (others call it most inconvenient time). Just because I am short does not mean I can't have a big voice!

Jumping is for the Lower-class

I've trained my roommates well! Not only do they both make great sleeping spots, but their great for lifting me up. God may have given me great jumping abilities, but why do I need them when I can talk the roommates into simply picking me up instead.

I Knock Things Over

Got a cup that needs knocking over? I'm your girl! Maybe your mail on the counter needs shuffling - I'll happily shuffle it all on the ground free-of-charge!

Want to work with my Dad?

My Dad has been working in the cloud and online for over 10 years now. I'm happy to have him review it all!